The Story of Venus

Venus was born at a “sanctuary” for senior and special needs dogs, but turned out the founder of this sanctuary was in reality a hoarder who abused the animals.
All the dogs were let to roam on their own….they were infested with ticks, received no vet care, and would get fed only when they got donations. Many dogs died there, either from disease or from fights between them.
Venus was a “personal pet” of the founder but that didn’t spare her from being abused. She was hit often with a chimney poker which is what the woman used to break up dog fights.
Venus arrived at the Yaqui ranch in October of 2013 along with other dogs from the “sanctuary”. She was very angry and confused and scared. She would bark defensively and would run away. She never bit anyone but she also never let anyone near her. She’s made it a little difficult for anyone who doesn’t know her to try to get to know her. But we know her. We know Venus is a good girl who is just misunderstood and needs a lot of love and patience to show her that not all humans are bad.
What we want most is for Venus to have a home of her own. We know she may still need a little more time, but that’s okay with us… she can take all the time she needs.
We appreciate everyone who supports the Yaqui Animal Rescue. Because of you we are able to help dogs like Venus. Because of you, Venus is not at risk of being euthanized due to lack of funds or space, or because she’s been here for years. Thank you for being a part of this big dream of ours of saving every homeless or abused animal in the RGV.