About Yaqui

The Yaqui Animal Rescue is a no-kill, non-profit rescue located on an 80-acre ranch in South Texas. We currently have over 250 animals in our care.


To rescue, rehabilitate, vet, and find forever homes for as many animals as possible in the Rio Grande Valley.


To one day provide spay and neuter services to all animals in need and to increase adoptions.

Welcome to the Ranch!

The Yaqui ranch is on 80 acres of land located in Sullivan City, TX. Visitors are welcome, but appointments are required.

Leadership Team

2022 Board of Directors

From our Founder

"As a young child, many summers as well as weekends, were spent at what is now the Yaqui Animal Rescue ranch. The ranch was owned by my grandparents and eventually sold off as the years went by.

About twenty years ago, I started doing what I could for all the stray animals.. vet care, food, finding homes, etc. The need seemed greater and greater. When the ranch became available again, in 2004, I was able to purchase it back for the sole purpose of eventually becoming a rescue for all the unwanted animals of the area. I've been rescuing animals since then and, with a little help, we can do great things for God's innocent creatures! The name 'Yaqui' was chosen for the ancestors of my incredible grandmother, the Yaqui Indians."

-Sonia Venecia

2022 Yaqui Board of Directors

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Visit Yaqui

500 Venecia Dr, Sullivan City, TX 78595 (By Appointment Only)